We Moved!

Hopefully you didn’t notice that we were down for a couple of hours yesterday then again today as we navigated our way around switching web hosts and some other technical wizardry that is really pretty boring stuff.

In the end, I hope that things are a little bit speedier and we can offer some new and exciting things in the coming months.  Stay tuned and be sure to get your belly full of Beer Lorem Ipsum right here!

The word is getting out!

Looks like I need to do some searching once in a while for “beer ipsum” as it turns out you guys and gals really like it here!

Some notable mentions:

The Beer Babe:

Finally, and most applicably, there is “Beer Ipsum” (www.beeripsum.com) that generates beer-related text for your placeholders.

 Beer Utopia:

For this week’s Feature Friday, I give you “Beer Ipsum” a website that generates fake text suitable for layouts and mockups, with a twist.

I know that I’m missing quite a few of the kind folks who have linked to this site lately and I thank you for checking out our little ipsum text generator.  Hopefully some of you out there have found this site useful and as always, enjoy your local craft brew!

Have a great Holiday!

Just an update

Hey everyone.  Thanks for checking in and dropping me some notes on how much you guys like the site.  I’m open to adding any new words that you would like to see included into the ipsum generator.  Also, if anyone else has created a new ipsum, I’d love it if you sent me a link.

I’ve thought about using a new theme but just haven’t really found anything that grabs my attention.  Any ideas on something that would be clean and light would be welcome.