What is Beer Ipsum?

Simply put, it’s another version of Bacon Ipsum and Tuna Ipsum, featuring beer related words instead of bacon or fish.  For those of you not familiar with ipsum (and just wandered over here following “beer”), read about it here.   My site utilizes the plugin created by Chris Jean of TunaIpsum.com.  Since I’m a big fan of beer, I thought it would be a great idea to give fellow beer lovers a way to generate your own ipsum with words you like to hear/say/read/drink.  A short while later Beer Ipsum was brewed!

Are there other versions?


You’re missing a term.  Can you add more?

What?!?!  How can that be?  Oh.  Sure thing.  Just fill out the contact form and let me know what word(s) you would like added. (and expect to be made fun of if it’s a duplicate – hey, it’s beer-related after all and perhaps we’ve been doing “research”).

Can you add breweries?

Originally I thought this would be a good idea but after some thinking, decided it could get out of hand quickly with all the craft breweries popping up across the US. And, while most of us are pretty easy going, someone might not like their name ipsum-ized…

How did you make this site?

The backbone of the site is courtesy of WordPress.  If you have the urge to create a website, then WordPress is hard to beat.  The ability to easily create the core of the site with WordPress is enhanced by the ability to quickly add an ipsum generator from the plugin created by Chris Jean.  Thanks for the plugin, Chris!

Do you have a picture of a someone trowing one back?

But of course I do!